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Best Car Loan Interest Rates 2022

Best Car Loan Interest Rates

Owning a car in Singapore is expensive. It costs a minimum of $ 50,000 for sedan-type vehicles, and it can cost almost $ 200,000 for luxury-type vehicles. These rates make it impossible for a regular employee to afford a brand new car. Applying for car loans can be the only way to get a car … Read more

Average Cost of Cash Advance in Singapore 2022

Male hand businessman inserts credit card into the ATM Taking Cash Advance

It is difficult to deny that credit cards have become an important part of our daily lives. Simply put, life is easier and more convenient with these modern financial tools. From online shopping to overseas spending, credit cards are everyone’s best friend. In fact, credit cards do not only allow owners to borrow money electronically. … Read more

Singapore’s Temporary Bridging Loan Programme: The Concise Application Guide

Temporary Bridging Loan Programme

A temporary bridging loan is an advantage that allows your business to transition towards much more profitable ventures. In the case of COVID19’s paralysis of Singapore’s current economy, temporary bridging loans greatly help businesses recover from their current issues. In this light, the Singapore government’s temporary bridging loan programme is the perfect way to springboard … Read more

Your Guide to Borrowing From The List of Moneylenders in Singapore (2022)

Guide to Borrowing From the List of Moneylenders in Singapore

Scammers and unlicensed moneylenders often masquerade as licensed moneylenders. They deceive innocent borrowers into taking loans. Thankfully, the Ministry of Law in Singapore has set strict rules and regulations to govern the money lending industry. In doing so, it also protects borrowers from scammers and loan sharks. That said, before visiting a moneylender’s website, it … Read more

Know the Singapore Public Holidays For 2022 And Don’t Miss The Chance To Plan A Trip With Your Loved Ones!

Lantern Festival

Do you love to travel? Are you tired of working and would like to take some vacation and have some peace of mind from tons of paperwork? Then this might be a great chance to plan your next trip! Here’s a schedule of the official holidays in Singapore for 2022. Official Dates Singapore Public Holidays … Read more

The Best Study Loans in Singapore For 2022

Female student carrying books

Singapore’s international-level educational standards make it one of the prime countries to study in Asia. However, an international-quality educational system can become extremely costly, forcing poorer Singaporeans to take on college loans even for public universities. Singaporeans aren’t limited to government loans. Bank loans are excellent alternatives that offer flexible payment terms. Because economic conditions … Read more

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