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5 Best Braddell Food & Restaurants

Braddell food

The Braddell district is commonly referred to as Toa Payoh New Town, an HDB housing estate in the district. A prominent public housing estate located in Singapore’s Central Region, it is one of the first satellite housing estates in the country.  As a result of its central location, Braddell is nearby a number of neighbourhoods … Read more

Top 5 Best Little India Restaurants

little india food

East of the Singapore River is Little India, an ethnic district in Singapore. The area is filled with culture, history, and a variety of activities. In this melting pot of different cultures, it’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself subject to many different cuisines available to you. Enjoy a variety of North and South Indian … Read more

5 Must-try Places to Eat in River Valley

river valley food

River Valley is located in the Central Area of Singapore’s Central Region. The area is named after its location on the Singapore River.  Because of its central location, it’s a prime point of origin for anyone wanting to travel to different places in the country. However, it also has much to offer in the way … Read more

5 Best Food & Restaurants in Sembawang

sembawang food

Sembawang, named after the Sembawang Tree, served as a British naval base in the early 1900s. In the past, it was home to many kampongs, but today it is a commercial dockyard and still handles regular shipping traffic while maintaining its kampong atmosphere. People in the area can behold seafront views, enjoy outdoor recreational activities, … Read more

5 Food Spots in Yishun That You Should Visit

yishun food

Places in the East are the common answers when one asks “where can I find good food in Singapore?” But the North also has a great selection of cuisines that get many coming back again and again, Yishun included. Yishun is a relatively tame town compared to the other large metropolitan areas of Singapore. Calling … Read more

5 Cheap Eats to Try in Woodlands

woodlands food

Woodlands is a planning area and residential town in Singapore and is the regional centre of the North Region. Woodlands started as a collection of small villages with farmers and shopkeepers as the main residents. It’s got a lot to offer by way of experiences, and if you’re in it for the food, then be … Read more

5 Toa Payoh Food Spots That Should Try

toa payoh food

Toa Payoh is an old residential town in northern Central Singapore. Despite being called “big swamp” in Hokkien, it has grown to be a place with great, if dated, urban planning while retaining its rural feel. Because of its history, it has a strong collection of hawker stalls that have stood the test of time … Read more

5 Budgeted Food Spots in Tanjong Pagar

tanjong pagar food

Found in the Central Business District of Singapore, Tanjong Pagar is a historic district that was the first to be transformed under the government’s conservation plans. These efforts saw the restoration of the original appearance of many shophouses, which creates a harmonious anachronism with the already modern architecture. This aesthetic display adds a compounding “pulled … Read more

5 Must-Try Foods Around Tampines

tampines food

Historically, Tampines was covered with woodlands, swamps, and sand quarries. There were many trees in this area, including the Tampines, after which the area was named before becoming a Singapore new town. Tampines is now a thriving hub in the East of Singapore, home to many different amenities and delicacies alike. Foodies won’t be disappointed … Read more

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