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Where to Get the Best Instant Cash Loan in Singapore?

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Going through a financial crisis is inevitable, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there are financial institutions that offer quick cash advance to cover your short-term expenses and make ends meet.

Moneylenders are known for being a financial institution that offers fast cash loans to eligible applicants. If you need the money immediately, here are some things to consider to find the best loan suitable for your budget.

Features and Benefits

Minimal Documents Required

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore have minimal and flexible requirements and documents you need to prepare for. Licensed money lenders also allow online applications that make up most of the information they need from you. So, when the time comes for you to hand in the documents required, you are saved from the hassle. 

No Collateral Required

Unsecured loans do not require pledging of collaterals. Instead of pledging collateral and putting you in the risk of losing your assets, the cash loans will only be issued based on your past credits and employment proof.

Simple and Easy to Get

Imagine applying for a loan from your home’s comfort and getting it approved in less than a day. Licensed moneylenders in Singapore often have an online platform where you can visit to submit your application. No need to wait for weeks to make an appointment. You can get a call from the licensed moneylenders’ within a day or two and get your money wired within a day.

On top of that, the requirements needed to get your cash loans approved are more lenient. As long as you have proof of income, eligible, and have complete documents, your application will be approved in less than an hour or so.

How Can Instant Cash Loans Help You?

There is an endless list of occasions and affairs where the money is required and can often be the only solution. For instance, medical emergencies, starting up a business, assurance of smooth cash flow in business operations, paying for sudden fines or paying for wedding costs, etc.

Moreover, not everyone has the privilege to make time for errands. Thus, the application for a cash loan Singapore is accessible online for busy people like you.

Furthermore, with a repayment plan designed to meet your capabilities, your loan consultant will make sure that your credit score and your monthly personal budget won’t get affected and avoid you getting stuck in a spiral of debts.

bad credit history

What If You Have a Bad Credit History?

An urgent loan Singapore is often suitable for those with relatively low credit scores, as the loan amount won’t be excessively huge and the repayment period is relatively short. If your credit is in bad shape, getting your application rejected should be the least of your worries.

Eligibility and Requirements for Taking Out a Loan

Here are the eligibility and requirements required by most licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Please note that every financial institution has different requirements.


  • At least 21 years old
  • Minimum salary of SGD2,000 for Singaporeans and PR; minimum salary of SGD3,000 for foreigners


  • Identity card
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of employment
  • Payslip
  • SingPass

On the other hand, foreigners must present a passport, work permit, and bank statement, in addition to the said required documents.

Things to Consider Before Taking Out a Loan

Loan Amount

The loan amount is the sum of money a lender can offer to their client. Several licensed money lenders may only allow a loan amount only to a certain extent depending on your income, usually up to 6 times your salary for personal loans, and up to one month’s worth of your salary for a payday loan.

Interest Rate

Interest rates play a significant role in determining the overall amount you need to pay back in the end. Only apply for a loan amount that you know you can repay once the interest is applied, or you will get yourself in big trouble. Take note that licensed money lenders offer different interest rates. 

But one thing for sure, no licensed lender can exceed the maximum 4% monthly interest regulated by the Singapore Ministry of Law.

Repayment Plan

Before signing the paper, verify with the lender on your repayment plan. To avoid any confusion, consult with a loan consultant on the cost of the credit you are taking out with the interest payment included and how much you are willing to pay back each month. 

A consultant should present you with a repayment plan catered to your capabilities. Thus, you don’t need to worry about getting yourself stuck in debt.

Repayment Period

Loan periods differ from each lender. Borrowing from conventional banks means you need to bear the burden of a long-term repayment plan. Moneylenders, on the other hand, offer a flexible, short-term repayment period — up to 6 months for personal loans and less than a month for payday loans.

Additional Fees

Before taking out a fast cash loan, do a thorough assessment of the additional fees you will be charged. These fees could include processing fees, prepayment fees, underwriting fees, and late payment fees. Finding out the extra charges from your lender will help you manage your finances better and help you decide whether you should apply for the loans.

Steer Clear of Swindlers

Avoid falling prey to loan sharks or swindlers by double-checking on the legitimacy of a lender you are dealing with. You can easily search for registered and authorized moneylenders by visiting the Ministry of Law official website for a full list of licensed moneylenders or giving them a call at 1800-2255-529.

When a moneylender is regulated by the Moneylenders Act Singapore (MAS), it allows you to refer to the higher authorities just in case if the lender is charging you unnecessarily or if any conflict occurs.

Lender’s Credibility

What determines whether the lender is the right choice? That would be based on their credibility. A lender should be experienced in overcoming sudden complications that could occur during your loan application or repayment. These are the questions you should ask yourself to figure out, can you count on the lender?

  • Do they have a valid moneylender license given by the government?
  • For how long have they been in the business?
  • What do the previous customers’ feedback regarding their service? Are they positive or negative?

An instant fast cash loan is a huge help in lessening your financial burdens, only if you plan to spend it for good reasons.

Getting an instant fast cash loan involves a binding contract between you and the lender. You will have the freedom to spend the money however you want. However, make good use of the opportunity that you get by spending them on serious matters you need to get done, such as consolidating debts or financing an essential purchase or investment like buying a real estate. 

If you plan on getting an instant loan for a lifestyle you can’t afford or buy unnecessary purchases, then it is best if you reflect on what you really need the money for. 

Here is a simple rule you can follow: Don’t take out a loan unless it will help improve your finances in the long run.

Where to Get the Best Instant Cash Loan in Singapore

The number of institutions offering financial assistance across Singapore is countless, making it a high-priority that you survey for the one that has your best interest at heart. Suppose your priority is to get instant cash. In that case, the moneylender is a convenient alternative where they are more forgiving when it comes to credit history and can provide a more simple, easy, and quick loan approval process.

Moneylender offices are usually located around the city area if you want to visit for inquiries. However, if you are nowhere near the city, then you can always visit their website or contact their online customer service for assistance.

If you are in dire need of an instant cash loan with an affordable interest rate, 365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd is the best choice, as they offer a payday loan and personal loan with quick application approval. Furthermore, they will design a unique repayment plan catered to meet your financial conditions.


Taking out a loan instant in Singapore may seem intimidating and risky, but, keep in mind that money lenders, such as 365 Credit Solutions, exist to provide financial help to those in need. Don’t get scared as licensed lenders are legal and adhere to the law. As long as you have a clear understanding with your loan consultant on the interest rate, repayment plan, loanable amount, etc. your financial burdens will indeed be cared for.

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