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things to do in admiralty

Things to Do Near Admiralty Singapore You Must Try

Admiralty is a neighborhood situated in Singapore’s north-central area. It is known for its exciting attractions and historical past. Tourists and locals hang out here to find some of the most amazing high-end malls, impressive food spots, and endless choices of outdoor activities. This small

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Cryptocurrencies symbol on dark glossy glass board

A Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies

Combining the world “cryptic” and “currency” sounds a little bit strange. Encrypting a currency seems like a counterproductive activity because you can’t spend it if no one can recognize it. However, thriving models of cryptocurrency show the digital currency markets existing nowadays hold great value

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things to do in bishan

5 Hidden Things to Do in Bishan

While its past might seem eerie as it used to be a cemetery, the charming neighborhood of Bishan now only has a charm that keeps people coming back. The place serves as a home to many establishments that tourists and foreigners can enjoy.  You can

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Best Car Loan Interest Rates

Best Car Loan Interest Rates 2023

Owning a car in Singapore is expensive. It costs a minimum of $ 50,000 for sedan-type vehicles, and it can cost almost $ 200,000 for luxury-type vehicles. These rates make it impossible for a regular employee to afford a brand new car. Applying for car

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things to do in bukit merah singapore

5 Best Things to do in Bukit Merah Singapore

When you go to the southernmost part of Singapore’s Central Region, you will find the bustling Bukit Merah. It’s one of the most popular areas that you can visit, thanks to the many tourist destinations found here. From nature parks to a lively shopping center,

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Male hand businessman inserts credit card into the ATM Taking Cash Advance

Average Cost of Cash Advance in Singapore 2023

It is difficult to deny that credit cards have become an important part of our daily lives. Simply put, life is easier and more convenient with these modern financial tools. From online shopping to overseas spending, credit cards are everyone’s best friend. In fact, credit

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