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Best Place to Shop Near Admiralty

Your Guide to the 5 Best Places to Shop Near Admiralty

Your shopping experience has to be memorable. Always. Whatever you’re into, it won’t take long to find the right place to treat yourself or your family.  Here are the 5 best places to shop near Admiralty for guaranteed remarkable shopping spree moments. Set your mind

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Upper Bukit Timah food- ice cendol and spoon on the marble table

5 Best Upper Bukit Timah Food Under $5

When one thinks about Upper Bukit Timah, it’s the scenic nature reserve that calls for light trekking and some revitalizing outdoor activities amidst the lush flora. A trip to this side of the district also entices us to some of the country’s most beloved hawker

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Your Needed Latest Guide on Where to Shop in Aljunied

Aljunied, in the central area of Singapore, is a suburban neighborhood frequently visited by regular and seasonal shoppers. This one-stop destination offers a diverse market for your needs and wants.  When it’s time to go all out, it doesn’t mean you have to spend lavishly.

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5 Best Bukit Panjang Food Under $5

In any given town or district in the country, there is always food at the heart of the action, be it accessible breakfast fares or a hearty family supper. And it’s a hurrah for Bukit Panjang residents as the first-ever hawker centre in the vibrantly

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5 Prime Buona Vista Food Points That Guarantee Satisfaction

The hilly Buona Vista translates to “good sight” in Italian. Unsurprisingly, the place offers tranquil attractions, from modern Sci-Fi-like buildings to parks and cafes. Its proximity to Dover and Goh Moh estates makes it even more ideal for vacation trips or permanent settlements.  Whatever your

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5 Top-Rated Yet Affordable Commonwealth Food Spots to Try

Commonwealth is arguably one of Singapore’s best havens regarding hawker food and local delights. Every time you turn your head in a certain direction, chances are that a popular stall or cafe is glistening and flirtatiously raising its eyebrow to your growling stomach.  If you’re

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