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Masjid Sultan

15 Things to Do at Bugis Singapore

Because of its shopping spots, diverse eating places and beautiful architecture, Bugis has become a prime destination for both tourists and locals. Whether you’re a tourist vacationing in this area or a local wanting to discover new places in your town, here are 15 things

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Cyclist Bike

Top 5 Indoor and Outdoor Activities to Do in Bedok

Bedok, Singapore’s largest estate, is a town known for its seafood and eating spots. Whether outdoor or indoor, the number of recreational activities to do here in Bedok is endless.  To help you choose, here are five of the top indoor and outdoor activities that

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Family Having Fun

10 Exciting Weekend Things To Do In Clementi

One of Singapore’s oldest neighbourhoods, Clementi is known for its many scenic parks, historical landmarks, museums and other attractions. If you are spending the weekend in this town, here are ten exciting activities that you can try: Take a Scenic Jog or Walk Through Clementi

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Asian with loan guarantor and license moneylender

5 Burning Questions A Loan Guarantor Must Know

A borrower with poor credit scores can use collateral to drive down potentially-high interest rates. However, they can use people with enough credibility and resources as a form of collateral. A loan guarantor functions like an asset except for their legal responsibilities. When borrowers fail

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Word of loan in hand a guide to money lending

Money Lending Guide for First-Time Borrowers

Anyone who hears money lending will think about banks and other financial institutions. However, with the industry’s tightening strict guidelines and inaccessible products, many turn to a licensed money lender for their financing needs. These institutions operate like banks and have fully-regulated activities. If it’s

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