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Top 5 Outdoor Things to Do in Buona Vista, Singapore

what to do at buona vista

1. Check out the Rail Corridor

When you come to Buona Vista, one of the many awesome places to go to is the Rail Corridor. This attraction is an abandoned railway track that spans 24 kilometers across Singapore. The park located between Buona Vista to Queensway road boasts numerous scenening spots where you can take amazing photos with your family. Some of these scenic spots include Wessex Estate Colonial buildings, Jin Huang Jebat colonial buildings, and the magnificent Church of Blessed Sacrament. 

Address: Rail Corridor, Singapore

Hours: Open 24/7

2. Relax at Kent Ridge Park

Located right next to the National University of Singapore and Singapore Science Park is Kent Ridge Park. This place provides a place of respite among the hustle and bustle of this academic area. Here, you and your companions can relax and enjoy viewing beautiful nature and amazing wildlife. You can also find the Reflections Bukit Chandu museum here to learn more about WWII history. Also, you can find the Canopy Walk here, which is an elevated boardwalk where you can view the amazing wildlife roaming around here up close. 

Address: Vigilante Dr, Singapore 118176

Hours: Open 24/7

3. Stroll Through one-north Park

If you’re wondering what to do in Buona Vista, why not try visiting one-north Park? This place connects the one-north MRT station with Biopolis, Fusionopolis, and Mediapolis. Head over to Fusionopolis, which you can find in the northern area of the park. It’s the perfect place to go on a relaxing stroll as it is filled with many butterfly-attracting plants. For a tranquil afternoon, going to one-north Park is a must-do

Address: Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore

Hours: Open 24/7

4. Bond with the Family at West Coast Park

You can find the charming West Coast Park in Singapore’s southwestern area. It’s a linear park that spans 50 hectares, filled with recreational areas that you and your companions can have fun in. In the middle of the park is Area 3, which is the Adventure Play area that people of different age groups can enjoy. Meanwhile, the eastern part of the park, Area 1, is a tranquil place for rest and relaxation. If you want your adrenaline pumping, however, head over to the western part of the park, which has a wide array of challenging activities that you can enjoy. 

Address: W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126978

Hours: 7 AM – 7 PM daily

5. Go Sightseeing along South Buona Vista Road

Also known as The Gap or 99 Bends, the South Buona Vista road offers picturesque views that anyone can appreciate. This place was formerly used as a racing track, and given this, there are many rumors about deaths and accidents happening in this area. Because of that, many think this place is haunted. Whether or not ghosts roam around this place, it still offers many astonishing outdoor views that you shouldn’t miss. Make sure to check this place out when you’re in Singapore.

Address: South Buona Vista Rd, Singapore

Hours: Open 24/7


While Singapore is known to be a metropolis, it still has many areas where you can appreciate nature. When you visit this wonderful country, make sure to head over to Buona Vista and Discover its natural beauty. 

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