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Singapore’s Fintech Frontiers: Top Innovators in Financial Technology (2024)

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Singapore ranks fourth globally in the Savills’ FinTech index and leads Asia in financial technology, attracting US$34 billion in fintech venture capital from 2019 to 2022. Beyond numbers, it hosts the world’s largest fintech festival, fostering innovation and investment. 

The Monetary Authority of Singapore‘s regulatory stability and international agreements enhance its fintech appeal. Ravi Menon, MAS’s Managing Director, emphasizes Singapore’s fintech focus on innovation, inclusion, and societal improvement, making it a model for global fintech progress.

“Singapore’s FinTech journey is about innovation, inclusion, and inspiration. Everything we do in FinTech must always have a larger purpose – to improve individuals’ lives, build a more dynamic economy, and promote a more inclusive society,” Menon said. 

This vision drives technological advancement and ensures that these innovations serve broader societal goals, making Singapore a beacon of fintech progress and a model for others to follow.

Leading Fintech Startups

Singapore’s fintech ecosystem is ripe with innovation, featuring companies that break new ground in digital finance. These startups are not just transforming traditional banking practices but are also fostering financial inclusivity across the region.


1. Nium – Best for Seamless Global Business Payment Solutions

Nium simplifies the complexities of international money transfer with a digital platform that enables quick and seamless cross-border transactions. It offers services like remittances, corporate cards, and cross-border payments, focusing on transparent pricing and borderless payments. Nium also provides multi-currency cards and emphasizes risk management.

Its offerings cater to both individuals and businesses, facilitating global payments without traditional banking hurdles. Nium received a total equity funding of S$220 million in May 2023.

Website: https://www.nium.com/

Social Media:


  • “Everyone at Nium is energetic and working together toward a common goal. Company leadership is transparent.”

Funding Societies

2. Funding Societies – Best for Peer-To-Peer Lending Services

For those looking to invest or secure loans through peer-to-peer lending, Funding Societies provides a trusted platform. It is Southeast Asia’s leading SME digital financing platform, specializing in short-term financing and funded by individual and institutional investors. It’s a standout example of how fintech can democratize access to finance, highlighting the impact of alternative lending solutions in Singapore

Website: https://fundingsocieties.com/

Social Media:


  • “Been investing with Funding Societies since the last 14 months. I also invest with a couple of other platforms doing P2P lending in Singapore. So far my experience with Funding Societies has been quite good. The mobile app is quite user friendly and they are very quick to respond to my questions.” – Angel Singtel


3. KingSwap – Best for Ultra-High Yield with Decentralized Finance (Defi) Features

KingSwap takes the DeFi concept further by introducing a high-yield liquidity platform with extensive rewards. This DeFi liquidity pool encourages participation and investment, underpinning the value of decentralized finance systems and their potential for growth.

KingSwap’s native $KING tokens are regulated under Singaporean law.

Website: https://www.kingswap.io/

Social Media:


  • “This is a great project, the team is working hard to help the community and investors. I have followed and concluded that this is a worthwhile investment project” – Teacher at Ford Motor Company


4. FundedHere – Best for Equity- and Lending-Based Crowdfunding for Startups

FundedHere supports the growth of startups through an accredited crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between innovative companies and investors. Focusing on debt and equity crowdfunding, it empowers early-stage businesses to grab investment opportunities and reach their financial objectives.

Website: https://fundedhere.com/

Social Media:


  • “FundedHere has given me the opportunity to look at many promising startups and has equipped me with the right tools to make proper investment decisions. Investing smaller amounts of $5k to $10k also make it possible for me to invest in a portfolio of startups.” – Sabrina Joseph-Tan

Innovative Fintech Services

In Singapore’s fintech landscape, discerning customers are continuously offered groundbreaking services. Companies are pushing the envelope with solutions that redefine how we transact and manage money on a global scale.


1. Thunes – Best for Facilitating Global Payments

Thunes is spearheading the revolution in cross-border digital payments. With a focus on seamless transactions, Thunes is making waves by enabling businesses and consumers to send payments to and from emerging markets quickly and securely.

In an article by Forbes, Paul Ng, CEO of EDBI said. “Thunes is a fast-growing, emerging leader in cross-border payments for businesses. It also serves as the underlying payment infrastructure for major global players, particularly in emerging markets.”

Website: https://www.thunes.com/

Social Media:


  • “I’ve been working with you for a while via the PayPal to mpesa money transfer everything has been great, fast and easy but there seems to be a problem with completion of the transactions.” – Maria Kiuru

Silent Eight

2. Silent Eight – Best for Ai-Powered Solutions in Combating Financial Crime

Combating financial crimes without slowing business, Silent Eight employs cutting-edge AI compliance solutions. This fintech company is a startup specializing in AI for economic sanctions enforcement and financial crime prevention. Their sophisticated algorithms suss out risks to keep transactions safe and institutions compliant.

Website: https://silenteight.com/

Social Media:

singlife logo

3. Singlife – Best for Innovative Insurance And Financial Products

Singlife is transforming the traditional insurance industry with its digital life insurance offerings. It provides a user-friendly platform for customers to acquire and manage life insurance policies, easing the barriers to financial security.

According to InsuranceBusiness mag, Sumitomo Life sees Singapore as a crucial hub for its Southeast Asia operations. The acquisition is anticipated to enhance the performance of its global business portfolio. It has been affirmed that Singlife’s operations, encompassing its name, brand, management team, and customer services, will remain unaffected by this transaction.

Website: https://singlife.com/en

Social Media:


  • “I have had a couple of claims done with Singlife and quite satisfied.“

Fintech for Financial Inclusion

Fintech companies in Singapore are pioneering efforts to make financial services more accessible to everyone. From offering enterprise payment solutions to creating platforms for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), these innovators are at the forefront of fostering economic growth and inclusion.

Matchmove Pay

1. MatchMove Pay – Best for Customizable Payment and Banking-as-a-Service Platform

MatchMove Pay is transforming the financial inclusion landscape by offering robust enterprise payment solutions. By enabling businesses to integrate digital wallets, MatchMove simplifies transactions, making financial services more accessible to underbanked populations. Users can load their accounts using direct payroll, bank transfers, physical cash deposits, and more.

MatchMove is known to use best-in-class security tools, technology, and banking industry practices to ensure the highest levels of security.

Website: https://matchmove.com/

Social Media:


2. Aspire – Best for Comprehensive Financial Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

Aspire serves as a Neobank tailored to the needs of SMEs. They streamline financial services, 

offering a suite of tools such as expense management and credit solutions that empower business owners to manage their finances more effectively.

Website: https://aspireapp.com/

Social Media:


  • “Aspire is, without a doubt, the best place for any business looking to simplify and optimize its financial operations. Its all-in-one approach, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive suite of financial services make it an indispensable tool for business owners. My experience with Aspire has been nothing short of amazing, and I highly recommend it to any business seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their financial needs.” – Poornima Verma


3. MoneySmart – Best for Personal Financial Advice and Comparison Tools

Unlike typical digital platforms, MoneySmart is a leading personal financial website and financial advisory platform. It provides comprehensive financial information and advice on various financial products and creates a range of financial education resources.

Website: https://www.moneysmart.sg/

Social Media:


  • “Easy to use site with good offers and descriptions of the deals. It’s good that the time frame for receiving gifts, etc has reduced as this is frustrating to wait for so many months with hurdles.” – Richard Thayer


4. Tonik – Best for Digital-Only Retail Banking Services 

Tonik is making waves with its digital-only banking platform, targeting unbanked segments of the population. Their unique approach to banking offers individuals a convenient way to save and borrow, thereby promoting broader financial inclusion.

Website: https://tonikbank.com/

Social Media:


“Mother company of Tonik Digital Bank Inc. of the Philippines. One of the leading neobanks in Asia!” – Benedict Isles

The Future of Fintech in Singapore

The future of fintech in Singapore is marked by dynamic growth and innovation, driven by the use of both existing and new technologies. This expansion has led to a variety of fintech offerings, from improved financial services by incumbent financial institutions to entirely new services provided by technology firms. 

Key areas seeing significant fintech advancements include:

  • Payments clearing and settlement
  • Insurance
  • Investment management
  • The burgeoning market for crypto-assets

The adoption of cloud services and open banking APIs is also becoming increasingly important for financial institutions in Singapore​​​​.

Government support and a conducive regulatory framework have been fundamental to this growth. Initiatives like Singapore’s Smart Nation Agenda and the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) active role in the fintech space have been crucial. The availability of capital, particularly through the Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) funding scheme, and the development of a skilled fintech workforce, have further bolstered the ecosystem. These efforts have made Singapore a preferred location for fintech startups to develop and test their concepts​​.

However, the rapid development of fintech also presents challenges, particularly in terms of financial stability and the changing market structure of financial services. The increasing digitization and modernization by incumbent financial institutions have internalized the impact of fintech within the regulatory perimeter. Nonetheless, direct competition between fintech firms and traditional financial institutions could affect the risk-taking behavior of these institutions, thereby posing challenges to maintaining financial stability​.


1. What is Singapore’s Largest Fintech Company?

Grab Holdings is often recognized as one of the largest fintech companies in Singapore. It has expanded beyond its initial ride-hailing app to offer a range of financial services, including mobile payments and insurance.

2. What is an Example of Fintech in Singapore?

An example of a fintech company in Singapore is “Nium.” Nium is a global platform that simplifies the way funds are sent and received internationally. It operates as a B2B payments platform, offering businesses the ability to send and receive payments across borders with ease. 

Nium’s services include remittances, corporate cards, and cross-border payments. The company stands out for its transparent pricing policy, support for various currency transactions, and provision of multi-currency cards for corporate clients. 

Additionally, Nium integrates advanced technologies such as APIs and focuses on risk management, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements for operating businesses globally. This makes Nium a prominent player in the fintech sector, particularly in the realm of international business transactions.

3. Which Company is Best in Fintech?

Determining the “best” fintech company in Singapore can be subjective and depends on various criteria such as innovation, range of services, customer satisfaction, and market impact. However, one of the standout companies in the Singapore fintech scene is “DBS Bank.” DBS has been recognized for its digital innovation and commitment to integrating fintech solutions into its banking services.

In an interview with Business Chief, Lim Him Chuan, Head of Group Strategy, Transformation, Analytics and Research in DBS, shared: “We are guided by our proprietary innovation framework called the ‘Innovation Pyramid’ which provides the basis for all major innovations and ecosystem partnerships across the bank, helping clarify the processes, adding cadence and quality controls to ensure there is ambition. We leverage the Innovation Pyramid to galvanise our fintech innovations.”

4. Is Singapore a Fintech Hub?

Yes, Singapore is considered a fintech hub, providing a conducive environment for fintech companies to flourish, thanks to strong governmental support, progressive regulatory frameworks, and a dynamic ecosystem that promotes innovation.

Final Word

Singapore’s Fintech sector has displayed resilience and growth, achieving a critical mass and recording substantial investment figures despite global financial headwinds. Your grasp of the city-state’s Fintech progress is now comprehensive, highlighting the contributions of virtual banking and investments in areas like blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fintech industry in Singapore reached a new high over the last three years, signaling robust sector health and investor confidence amid global downturns.
  • The Fintech ecosystem saw a significant uptick in activities, with a record number of deals and increased funding that underscore the accelerating pace of digital banking and financial services innovation.
  • Despite a dip in early 2023, the expectation of recovery is grounded in expert predictions about rising deal volumes and sustained interest in emerging technologies.

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