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When you’re all alone and need a personal touch for your financial issues, our foreigner loan for expatriates living in Singapore just might be what you need.

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It’s tough enough to finance your trip and lodging in Singapore. It’s even tougher when you are all alone without help from your family and friends back home, knowing that they are counting on you to help them out.

When you are in financial hardship and looking for someone to turn to, banks might not be the place for you when you have no credit history with them or the ability to wait for long periods of time for your loans to be approved.

That’s why 365 Credit Solutions provides foreigner loan services without any need for your previous credit history.

With us, a foreigner loan for work pass holders requires no prior strings attached. Just follow our simple online application process, submit the needed requirements as advised, and you’ll get approved in no time!

Benefits of Choosing 365 Credit Solutions

Flexible Repayment Tenures

Tailor your loan payments with ease, thanks to our adjustable repayment plans.

Easy & Hassle-Free Loan Application

Sail through our simplified loan process, designed for your convenience.

Quick Cash Approval

Experience fast approval and gain access to your funds sooner.

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Apply Online

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Await A Call

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Receive Funds

If eligible, you can collect your cash at our office after discussing terms and signing the contract.

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At Least 21 Years Old

Minimum Salary of SGD3,000

for Foreigners Working in Singapore


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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreigner loans are also known as a personal loan in Singapore. They are loans for foreigners who are working in the country who need immediate financial assistance. In essence, the foreigner loan in Singapore must be repaid back with a scheduled payment, alongside the interest rates added to the principal amount owed until it is repaid in full.

A Foreigner Loan is a type of Personal Loan specifically designed for non-residents or expatriates living in Singapore.

The key difference between personal loans and foreigner loans lies in eligibility criteria and documentation. Personal loans for foreigners typically may offer specific terms to accommodate the unique circumstances of expatriates.

As foreigners in Singapore applying for foreigner loans, it is crucial to know what they are going to use the money for, how much they are planning to borrow, and what is the possible interest rates foreigners are likely to be charged for. Foreigners living in Singapore must also consider if the amount that they are going to apply is going to be sufficient to cover their financial obligations.

In addition, foreigners’ annual income plays a role in how much they can borrow. If they do not earn more than SGD24,000 a year, we would be unable to lend a larger amount. These are all things that expatriates need to consider when taking out Singapore foreigner loans.

If you are uncertain of anything, you should speak to our loan officers who would be able to help you figure out your financial standing and you may also ask any questions related to foreigners loan in Singapore.

A foreigner can take out a personal loan in Singapore of any amount with secured loans and collateral. The collateral will serve as a guarantee in the event that you are unable to pay off the money.

For unsecured loans, if your yearly income is less than SGD10,000, the maximum loan amount that 365 Credit Solutions will be able to loan is only SGD500. If your yearly income is above SGD10,000 but less than SGD20,000, 365 Credit Solutions can offer a maximum loan amount of SGD3,000.

However, if your yearly income is above SGD20,000, 365 Credit Solutions can offer you up to 6 times of your monthly income.

All licensed moneylenders can only charge a maximum interest rate of 4% per month for personal loans. The maximum interest rate for a loan for a foreigner in Singapore applies regardless if the personal loan is secured or unsecured.

In addition, a licensed money lender can only charge a maximum late interest rate of 4% per month for each month the loan is repaid late. The interest can only be charged based on the principal remaining after deducting the original payments made.

For example; Mr. A borrowed SGD10,000 and has repaid SGD6,000. Only the remaining SGD4,000 can be taken into account for the computation of interest.

Also, the late interest can only be charged on an amount that is repaid late. Money lenders cannot charge on amounts that are outstanding but not yet due to be repaid. For example, Mrs. B takes a loan of SGD10,000 and fails to pay for the first installment of SGD1,000.

Legal money lenders can only charge the late interest on SGD1,000 but not on the remaining SGD9,000 as it is not due yet.

Second, only the following fees can be charged:

  • A fee not exceeding SGD60 for each month of late repayment;
  • A processing fee not exceeding 10% of the principal of the loan when a loan is granted; and
  • Legal costs ordered by the court for a successful claim by the moneylender for the recovery of the loan

The total financial charges imposed by a money lender on the interest, late interest, upfront administrative and late fee cannot exceed an amount equivalent to the principal of the loans.

Very quickly indeed! We pride ourselves in giving all our clients excellent service with quick and high approval rates whenever you apply for a foreigner loan in Singapore with us. Once you’ve submitted all the necessary documents along with your application, it would only take half an hour to approve your application.

You could even receive your loans within the hour in some cases!

The repayment process for a Foreigner Loan is typically straightforward. You’ll need to follow the repayment schedule outlined in your loan agreement. This often involves making regular monthly payments, which can be done through bank transfers or online payments.

Looking for the best foreigner loans in Singapore? Here’s why 365 Credit Solutions stands out:

Trusted Authority: We’re a licensed money lender (License No. 17/2024), vigilantly overseen by Singapore’s Ministry of Law, ensuring your financial dealings are secure and legitimate.

Highly Rated: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our robust 5-star ratings on Google Reviews and Loan Advisor, underscoring our reputation for outstanding service.

Recognized Excellence: Honored with the Top 10 Licensed Moneylender 2020 and Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise awards, our service quality is not just claimed, but acknowledged and awarded.

Unwavering Integrity: For over a decade, honesty has been the cornerstone of our operations. We’re not just providing loans; we’re offering a fair, transparent financial partnership.

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