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A Guide On Getting Gym Membership Singapore

Gym membership

Selecting a gym is not as simple as going to the nearest gym at your place and registering. There are a great number of factors that you have to consider. Some of those factors include the available equipment in the gym, the type of classes that they offer, and how far the gym is located from your place of residence. It’s really a wise decision to make a list of factors that you want, to make certain that the gyms you investigate have the things that you need. In this article, you will learn more about the things you need to be aware of when buying a gym membership.

Carefully Assess the Trainers

Inside of the gym

The majority of gyms possess in-house coaches that will help you with your gym sessions. Regardless of whether you want to get one for your sessions or not, it is still important to go to a gym with high skilled trainers. It’s likely that the gym trainers are going to be the personnel that will help you with concerns about their various equipment and gear usage, and those are the information that you will want to get from professionals.

If you are really serious about working with a personal fitness trainer, be aware that at most franchise gyms, the trainers are enlisted to focus on promoting their course, not to assist you accomplish your objectives. Stay away from these mediocre workout classes without exception.

Always inquire about the certificates and training of the fitness trainers at the gym, and whatever happens, do not settle with a trainer without any certification. Generally, the trainer must be at least certified in CPR and first aid administration. You will be placing yourself at risk when going with a personal trainer with no certifications.

Charges and Supplement Sales


For the majority of gym-goers, expenses are among the most significant things to consider. If this is also true for you, you must pay attention to the expenses because gym fees can accumulate easily if you are not cautious. Always go through the legal agreements carefully, or else you have the risk of being locked in a long-lasting agreement with no way to terminate early, or you might overlook hidden charges that can throw off your budget plans.

You will also need to check and confirm if you possess the ability to cancel the subscription whenever you want. If the agreement does not include it, then you must think twice before signing the deal, and it is generally better for you to search for other gyms that allow the cancellation of plans. This is because you never know what might happen that will require you to cancel your membership. You might run into an emergency that requires you to cut expenses, or you might be required to relocate to a location that is far from the gym.

When evaluating expenses, take into consideration stuff like the services, amenities, and courses provided. An elegant drink bar probably seems wonderful, however, there is absolutely no good reason to pay extra for it if you are not going to use it. The same also applies to group lessons and gym trainer fees.

Likewise, be careful of gyms that you observe forcing health supplement sales to their members. Their motives for doing so is purely for profit and not for your health. A never-ending routine of pressuring you to purchase their products is not a healthy workout setting.


Gym assisting trainees

When physically checking the gyms, be sure to check their cleanliness and sanitation. See if their floors are cleaned, if the lockers are being taken care of, and the pools are being maintained. With numerous individuals arriving in the gym and using their tools each and every day, germs and bacteria will surely be everywhere. For that reason, the staff should be putting the best effort to reduce the propagation of bacterias.

Athletes working out at a gym are coming across a variety of contagious microbes. As such, the risk of contracting skin diseases are incredibly usual in gyms. This information is not intended to discourage you from getting a gym membership. Rather, we are informing you and highlighting the importance of finding a gym with good sanitation conditions.

The gym employees must be doing continuous work to maintain the cleanliness of the gym. There must be readily available sprays or wipes supplied to wash the equipment after use. If you have obtained a visitor pass, check out the gym and keep a look at the number of times in which gym members make use of the cleansing agents. Additionally, you must inquire about the cleaning procedures of the gym.

Our Recommendations

Now that we have those out of the way, let’s go with some of our gym suggestions.

For people who like a gym that has a very reputable name, we recommend Fitness First. Fitness First got a variety of gym equipment and trackers to help you stay in shape even without the help of a personal trainer. They also offer class workouts, so if working out with other people is your thing, Fitness First is a great choice.

Having said that, Fitness First can cost upwards of $200 per month. If you are not into spending that much for a gym, we recommend Anytime Fitness which costs $80 to $100 per month while still keeping the high quality that premium gyms have. Anytime Fitness is open 24/7, so you can hit the gym regardless of your schedule. However, the price and level of quality differ considerably from different branches. The majority of branches are quite modest and do not have a great deal of equipment, particularly weight lifting devices such as plates as well as benches.

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