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Things to do in Macpherson: Best Outdoor Attractions

Things to do in Macpherson

Given that you can find Macpherson in one of the liveliest parts of Singapore, you won’t find any shortage of exciting activities and interesting attractions to go to. This includes numerous green spaces where you can stroll through and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

In Macpherson, parks are your go-to places if you want to spend time with your family outdoors. They also offer respite from the bustling streets of the city surrounding them. If you want to find out where these outdoor places are, read on to find out some of the best things to do in Macpherson outdoors. 

1. Geylang East Park

If you love participating in active outdoor recreation or if you just want to relax, head over to Geylang East Park. It’s the perfect respite for the entire family from busy city life. This park features numerous amenities that help you have a blast during your visit here. 

If you want to chill with your companions while eating food, picnic facilities are available here. For those who love to stay active, you can use this park’s outdoor fitness station. Apart from that, it also has soccer fields and volleyball courts for those who love sports. You can even spend time just strolling or running as you can find numerous walking and jogging trails in this park. 

Geylang East Park is definitely well-equipped to help you relax outdoors during your visit to Macpherson. 

Address: Aljunied Ave 1, Singapore 389862

Hours: Open 24/7

2. Aljunied Park

If you’re looking for outdoor things to do in Macpherson, many recommend heading to Aljunied Park. This place is popular among families who love to spend time interacting with nature. 

This place features outdoor fitness amenities for visitors who want to stay active. It has multiple volleyball courts, tennis courts, biking areas, and jogging paths, all perfect for burning some calories while you’re here. Meanwhile, their kids can go on swings and slides and play in the meadows playground area.

If you simply want to spend some relaxing time with your companions, you can do so in this beautiful park’s picnic area. There’s a lot to take in when it comes to your surroundings here as the nature you can find in this gorgeous park is accented with pretty fountains, sculptures and monuments.

Address: Aljunied Road, Happy Garden Estate, Singapore 389842

Hours: Open 24/7


It’s great to take in nature, but being in a city-state might give a false impression that you have no opportunities to do so. However, in many places in Singapore, you can find green spaces with amenities for some exciting outdoor activities for the entire family. Visit these parks, and appreciate the great outdoors during your trip to Macpherson. 

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