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Looking for a licensed money lender near you? 

Not every licensed lender advertising itself is trustworthy nor is it a guarantee that they can help you out. In fact, some illegal lenders could even be masquerading themselves as the real deal to the unwary borrower.  

Finding a reliable moneylender can be tough, so you have to know what you’re looking for in order to choose the best lender to suit your financial needs. In this guide, we will talk about what are some characteristics of a good money lender should have.

  1. All terms and conditions are upfront, with no hidden charges
  2. Flexible terms of engagement 
  3. Great credibility from their customers

How to apply for the loan – a step by step guide

1. Determine the amount of money you want to loan

The first step to borrowing money from a licensed money lender is to make a decision regarding the amount of money that you want to avail. Factors to determining the amount of money you should loan include the expense that you want to cover with the loan and your capacity to pay.

This factor is really important since borrowing out too little might not be enough to cover the expense that you intended for the loan. Meanwhile, borrowing too much can cause you to be unable to pay the monthly repayment. A proper balance between the factors is key.

2. Check your credit rating and the requirements of the lender

The main factor that money lenders use to determine if they will approve your loan application or not is your credit rating. As such, it is important that you check your credit rating and the credit rating requirements of the lender first.

The majority of lenders have their requirements on their website, so you can check it out before submitting your application to avoid wasting time. Some of the other requirements include lengthy credit history, a good debt to income ratio, and sufficient annual income.

3. Submit your application

After you have gathered your requirements, submit your application to the office of the lending company. There are some money lenders like 365 Credit Solutions that offer online applications, so give them a try if you want to experience the hassle free online application process.

4. Read the fine prints

A lot of people just skips readings through the terms and conditions and just proceeds immediately to affixing their signature to get their loan money. However, you should be aware of the fine print in your loan application form, since they contain important information.

Some lenders also conceal some hidden charges on their terms and conditions, which a huge red flag that you should avoid.


If you need to get a personal loan, 365 Credit Solutions is here to help you. They feature a simple loan application process that supports online applications. They feature a fast application process, and they will give out the cash as soon as your loan is approved. Lastly, they feature a secure repayment procedure through the help of secure payment channels.

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About 365 Credit Solutions

365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd is an established licensed moneylender since 2010 (formerly known as FLS Credit and Fu Lu Shou Credit), accredited by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. We specialize in providing personal, payday, bridging, foreigner, business loans to Singaporeans & Foreigners working in Singapore.


Our mission is to help make taking a loan a simpler, more understandable process, and to educate our customers about their loan options in the event of an urgent need.

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