365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 20/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Jalan Besar

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Jalan Besar

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Jalan Besar

Jalan Besar, which translates to “big or wide road”, is known after the tale of the two former swamps, Rochor and Kallang Rivers. 

Located on the east side of sunny Singapore, this neighbourhood is unique for its vibrant cafe culture and local restaurants that serve a myriad of comfort food. 

Aside from the gastronomical offerings, Jalan Besar Stadium is a popular landmark for sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy national and international athletic events. 

Getting around the exciting neighbourhood won’t require you to break the bank, but if you find yourself in Jalan Besar and need fast cash, Singapore’s licensed moneylenders are reliable and are just around the block.

How to Identify a Licensed Money Lender?

  • All legal moneylenders are regulated by the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore. You can easily verify your potential lender by checking the list of licensed moneylenders here.
  • Licensed moneylenders are also required to walk you through the loan process in a language the borrower would fully understand. This ensures that the client grasps the loan terms fully, thus promoting transparency and honesty in business.
  • A loan contract must be presented with clear information on the interest rate that must not exceed 4%, repayment period, late repayment fees, and other essential details that a borrower must know. 
  • Licensed moneylenders are friendly loan officers who respect clients’ personal information and keep your trust as their most valuable asset.

Factors to consider whenever taking a loan:

Getting a loan requires a bit of research to determine which type of loan is best suited to your needs. Licensed moneylenders offer various types of loans with the best interest rate compliant with the Moneylenders Act. Also, understand that different types of loans require different eligibility and requirements.

Before taking up any kind of loan, make sure you are:

  • Fully aware of the Singaporean government’s financial assistance schemes, which have no or low-interest rates and will provide you with other suitable amounts for your needs
  • Able to fulfil your contract and agree legally to the discussed terms and conditions
  • You have enough income to repay the borrowed amount
  • Understand the language used in the contract
  • Have compared the low-interest rates for yourself

Getting a loan only takes a few steps!

1. Apply

Avail for your loan either via walk-in, phone call, and online.

Reach us at 6222 5500

From the website here (We will call you within 30 mins)

2. First Approval

If you seek a loan over the phone, we will ask you some preliminary questions to determine your eligibility. Once eligibility has been satisfied, we will invite you to our office to get to know you better and personally explain our loan terms. 

3. In-Person Consultation

At our office, you can ask any questions or clarify your doubts with us. You will also be required to present your documents for our verification. Upon examining your case, our friendly loan officer will offer you an amount and explain the loan terms and conditions for your understanding.

4. Signing The Agreement

Once you agree to the loan amount and repayment terms, our loan officer will print out the contract for you to sign. 

5. Receive Your Cash Loan

Once the contract is signed, you will receive the cash on the spot, hassle-free.

How can we help you?

365 Credit Solutions is one of the distinguished and best money lenders near Jalan Besar. Our team of professionally experienced officers provides financial solutions for every borrower that needs cash conveniently with the lightest and easiest repayments possible. 

We strictly follow the Ministry of Law rules while providing honest and friendly relationships to customers with our financial services to ensure that their great time of need is made easier. Contact us and request a quote today!

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