365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 20/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Little India

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Little India

Little India Street

Foreigners love Singapore because of the small distances between its culturally-diverse worlds. Little India is one that delights Indians and other foreigners in Singapore. If it’s your first time to learn about Indian culture, Singapore’s Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple allows you to experience Hinduism principles firsthand.

If you’re not culturally inclined but love Little India’s little gift shops, then the Mustafa Centre is the best place for you. However, if cash is getting low, but you still need to buy a few things, you can always count on licensed moneylenders to give you a financial boost.


Types of Loans You Can Get From Licensed Moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore work within the Ministry of Law’s oversight. You can be sure all these loan services they provide have ample regulation.

1. Personal Loan

Singaporeans, PRs, and Foreigners can borrow money up to six times of their monthly salary for minimum requirements. If you’re earning S $2,000 or above monthly, you can afford to pay back a personal loan you greatly need in Little India.

2. Business Loan

Any Singaporean planning to have a long term investment can maximize a licensed moneylender’s business loan option. Present your business plans and return-on-investment plans, and you can get your capital loan in less than a week.

3. Payday Loan

A favorite of freelancing and gig-economy employees and workers, it’s a convenient loan to tide you over until your paycheck arrives. Truthfully, you’ll need to pay your next month’s income and face high penalties after, but this loan needs the least amount of requirements.

4. Foreigner Loan

Workers from other nations won’t need to contend solely with banks. They can use licensed moneylenders for personal loans. Their requirements differ, but they receive virtually the same loan amounts.

5. Monthly Loan

If you need amounts bigger than personal loan offerings, you can opt for a monthly loan from licensed moneylenders. You won’t need to have great credit scores if you have an established income source.


Why is 365 Credit Solutions Your Best Choice for Moneylending Services?

  • Convenient Access

365 Credit Solutions is easily beside Orchard MRT station. We’re just a ride away from any MRT station. You can access us at any time you need a financial boost. Plus, you can inquire about our services online or through an easy call.

  • Friendly Staff

If you’re new to using moneylender services, our helpful staff are glad to assist you. Allow them to walk you through the entire process and explain each contract’s terms and conditions. In doing so, you have a full understanding of your liabilities before you sign up for a loan with us.

  • Customized Borrowing Experience

We understand that every borrower’s needs are unique. In this light, we provide customized financial solutions suitable for your situation while reducing the possibility of sinking into huge debt.

365 Credit Solutions continues to provide high-quality financing solutions for borrowers across Singapore. Contact us today through a simple call at 6222 5500 learn more about our products and solutions.

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