365 Credit Solutions Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 20/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Seletar

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Seletar

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Seletar

Seletar, which was known for being a rubber plantation then, was the first RAF base east of India and the first international civilian airport in Singapore. Eventually, the area has been developed into a spacious park for most visitors and locals.

Over the years, the site has transformed, and nowadays, people can visit its Animal Resort where families can enjoy their weekends and holidays. It is surely a site to visit! If you’re planning to come over to Seletar but on a tight budget, here’s how you can get easy cash via moneylenders in the area!

The Advantages of Taking Personal Loans With Moneylenders

Personal loans are a type of instalment loan, which allows you to borrow a fixed amount of money and pay it back with interest in monthly payments. Its amounts vary from lender to lender but what you qualify for is based on your credit health.

This type of loan can be used to finance an expensive medical bill, big purchases, consolidation of your debts, and funding for a small business. It can also be considered as a top-up for renovation loans and as a good resource for urgent cash.

And while applying for a loan is already a burden, rest assured it would be hassle-free if you choose to avail yourself of a licensed moneylender.

  • Fast processing time. It’s an ideal option for borrowing money quickly, particularly during emergencies.
  • No collateral required. It is an unsecured loan and it is not tied to an asset.
  • Fixed interest rates. The repayment amount is fixed monthly.
  • Early repayment. Borrowers can make a full or early repayment and receive a discount on interest rates.
  • No high credit score required. Borrowers will be able to secure a loan even with no high credit in Singapore.

For personal loans with 365 Credit Solutions,

1. Apply

  • Avail of your loan either via Walk-in, phone call, and online.
  • Reach us at 6222 5500
  • From the website here. (We will call you within 30 mins)

2. First Approval

If you are seeking a loan over the phone, we will ask you some preliminary questions to determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, we will invite you down to our office to get to know you better before we process the application for you.

3. In-Person Consultation

At our office, you can ask any questions or clarify your doubts with us. You will also be required to present your documents for our verification. Upon examining your case, our friendly loan officer will offer you an amount and explain the terms and conditions of the loan for your understanding.

4. Signing The Agreement

Once you agree to the loan amount and repayment terms, our loan officer will print out the contract for you to sign.

5. Receive Your Cash Loan

Once the contract is signed, you will receive the cash on the spot, hassle-free.

Why us?

365 Credit Solutions is one of the finest and most dependable money lenders in Singapore. With a greatly experienced team, we assure to provide a wide variety of solutions for every borrower that needs cash conveniently with the lightest and easiest repayments possible. Contact us and request a quote today!

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