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Know the Singapore Public Holidays For 2022 And Don’t Miss The Chance To Plan A Trip With Your Loved Ones!

Lantern Festival

Do you love to travel? Are you tired of working and would like to take some vacation and have some peace of mind from tons of paperwork? Then this might be a great chance to plan your next trip! Here’s a schedule of the official holidays in Singapore for 2022.

Official Dates Singapore Public Holidays this 2022

New Year’s Day 1 January 2022 Saturday
Chinese New Year 1 – 2 February 2022 Tuesday – Wednesday
Good Friday 15 April 2022 Friday
Labour Day 1 May 2022 Sunday
Hari Raya Puasa 3 May 2022 Tuesday
Vesak Day 15 May 2022 Sunday
Hari Raya Haji 10 July 2022 Sunday
National Day 9 August 2022 Tuesday
Deepavali 24 November 2022 Monday
Christmas Day 25 December 2022 Sunday

You can maximize your leave by filing a vacation leave before the day of the said holiday and file another vacation leave on the day after the public holiday.

Are employees allowed/entitled to file a vacation leave on public holidays?

  •   An employee is entitled to a Public Holiday if he/she filed a vacation leave or sick leave before the holiday. If that’s the case, the employee will get paid with his gross pay on a daily rate.
  • An extra work on public holidays should be paid on a double rate of an employee’s gross pay or depending on the employer as long as there is an extra pay for work on holidays.
  •  An employee should choose an alternative day of “rest day” if he/she was asked by employer to work on public holidays. This should be agreed upon the employee and the employer.

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Public Holidays 2022: Importance of having a long vacation for employees

Isn’t it exhausting and boring to just work the whole year? Aren’t you tired of your daily routine at work or even wonder that you’re just doing the same thing over and over again? Wake up! This is now the chance of every employee to plan a trip and have some fun.

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to travel. But there are ways on how to save up money for a trip because as you can see many employees are suffering from stress and illness due to being a workaholic. So,  if an employee takes a vacation leave and set a trip on public holidays with long weekends, you’ll see the effect of being relaxed for a while when they get back to work after a long holiday trip. So what are you waiting for? Make some plans now before the public holidays. Some employees are planning to get the best personal loan or quick cash loan to make it possible. Remember that you can always have time to work but you don’t always have the chance to travel and see the world.

What are the things you need to consider before taking out a personal loan for a vacation on Singapore Public Holidays this 2022

Getting a personal loan or a quick cash loan is one of the most popular options for people who don’t have enough savings to pay their emergency medical expenses, other debts, tuition fees, car maintenance, renovations, wedding, and travel.

Now, if you have time to save up some money from your net income then it would be best so that you won’t worry about any repayments or debts after your long vacation.

However, before you file your vacation leave, make sure that you can manage and budget your finances. You can also make some estimation of how much will you probably spend your holiday trip.You can get big discounts on hotel accommodations and tour packages if you book early. Sometimes, it’s even harder to find a place to stay in if many tourists have planned their vacation on a public holiday. So it’s better to make an early reservation than to plan a trip in a few days before the public holiday.

If you’re an employee, have a mindset to finish all your duties before you file a vacation leave so your boss could approve your leave easily and without hesitation. Now, If you’re a credit card holder, spend only 15-20% of your credit limit and avoid buying things you don’t actually need. Be wise in spending your money and using your credit card. If you have existing debts and planning to get a quick cash loan, then you might consider to settle your debts first before getting another loan. Remember, your goal is to have a peace of mind in your vacation trip on public holidays. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave any financial issues before filing a vacation leave.

What is a Fast Cash Loan? Can I use it for a Public Holiday Trip in Singapore?

Fast Cash Loans are personal loans too. It is also known as urgent loan Singapore where you apply for it through online and you get approved in just a few minutes. And yes, you can definitely use it for travel purposes as long as you are qualified to get the loan and be able to make repayments on time.

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Where can I possibly apply for Personal loans?

365 Credit Solutions is a licensed money lender you can trust if you’re looking for a fast cash loan. They provide a quality service by providing convenience to borrowers. You can easily apply your quick cash loan through online and visit their website for more information and offers that will best suit your budget. Take note, they are operating on Sundays, so it is a reliable lender that can provide easy cash loans to people who badly needs money for urgent matters.

If you submit your loan application today, you’ll also get approved today, and received your cash loan instantly on the same business day.


There is 1 long weekend in Singapore’s Public Holiday this 2022, Good Friday (3 days), and Deepavali (3 days). So make sure you take this opportunity to have some fun, relax, and treat yourself to all that hard effort you put in. Don’t worry because a quick cash loan can be easily paid if you and the lender will talk about the interest rate that will suit your budget.

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